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Bob and Nancy's Geotourism Site

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"This site is expanding slowly. It will continue to grow as we travel, and as we have time to convert our observations into meaningful and enlightening descriptions. You will notice that most of the areas we have described are in northeastern New South Wales. That is because the New England region of New South Wales, Australia is our backyard, the area that we have chosen to commence writing about first."

Field Geology Club of South Australia

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"The Club was formed in 1971 to promote and engage in the study of geology by means of lectures and field excursions, and to encourage the preservation of areas of geological importance. Professional qualifications in geology are not a pre-requisite for membership. Although the study of geology is our primary aim we take a serious interest in plants, birds and animals that are encountered on our excursions, and the cosmos in general."

Fossil Club of New South Wales Inc.

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"The Fossil Club of New South Wales is an active group of enthusiastic people of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn and share information about fossils."

Teaching Resources in Structural Geology

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"Welcome to web-based teaching resources in structural geology in the School of Earth Sciences of the University of Leeds. In addition to resources created here you can also find links to other sites."

The Earth' Structure

"This is a 9 part lecture series for Engineering Geology 1 students at University of Sydney. Consists of slides and links for further reading."

Ore Deposits 101

"This is a 11 part lecture series."

Explorations in Earth Science

"Video explorations of topics of interest to students of the Earth Sciences at the introductory level."

Images showing geological structures on Mars

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"Since our first close-up picture of Mars in 1965, spacecraft voyages to the Red Planet have revealed a world strangely familiar, yet different enough to challenge our perceptions of what makes a planet work. Every time we feel close to understanding Mars, new discoveries send us straight back to the drawing board to revise existing theories."

The Royal Australian Historical Society

The Amateur Geological Society of the Hunter Valley Inc is an "Affiliated Society" member of the Royal Australian Historical Society. With out this affiliation our society (AGSHV) would not exist.

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