Amateur Geological Society of the Hunter Valley Inc.
January 2018

 Jan 18, 2018 (Thu)11:45 - 0:00
 Port Macquarie Geotrail TalkLocation: West Wallsend Workers Club
Venue: West Wallsend Workers Club
53 Carrington St West Wallsend NSW 2286
Meeting Place: Conference Room First Floor
Meeting Time: Meet at 11:45am with talk to start at 12:00 noon
An informative presentation will be given by Robin Offler on the Port Macquarie Geo Trail,
The rocks in this area are part of the Port Macquarie Block that has exposures of high pressure - low temperature metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks including pillow basalts Mid Ocean Ridge origin and a range of other rock types that together show a complex geological history.
This will be followed by  Luncheon at West Wallsend Workers Club. They have a good selection of meals from $9.50 lunch specials tp restaurant meals for under $30


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