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 Sep 18, 2017 (Mon) - Sep 22, 2017 (Fri)17:00 - 9:00
 A trip to the scenic south coast of NSW (Moruya) 

The south coast trip I have planned is from 18th to 22ndSeptember. We will be arriving at Moruya on the Monday and head for home on Friday. We will be staying at the Riverbreeze Tourist Park, on Princes Highway, just north of the bridge over the Moruya River. Phone No 44742370.

The proprietor will keep the six best caravan sites and four cabins until the 21stJuly. If you book before then, mention you are part of the AGSHV group and you will have one of those sites.  At the AGM, I was left with the impression there might be more than 6 vans going. If you are interested, please let me know and if there are more than 6 van owners interested, they will put more aside. There is no commitment and if someone interested doesn’t go, that site will be freed to the general public after 21st July.



Moruya Program


Monday 18/9/2017 Travel to Moruya.


We will have a 5pm meeting on Monday in the camp kitchen at Riverbreeze Tourist Park, where most people will be staying. One can never be sure about weather conditions or sea conditions, but September is one of the driest months on the south coast. If we get three fine days and seas not too rough, we will be following the following program. Bingie Bingie Point is the furthest south, 20 mins from camp. Originally Malua Bay was to be the furthest north, also 20 minutes from camp. Now, our furthest point north is Lily Pily Beach,about 25 minutes from camp.


All of the features I will be showing you are spectacular just to look at, but I am not familiar with the specific geology of many. With people like Ron, Brian and Joan on the trip, I am sure they will be able to give full geological detail.




Day 1 Tuesday 19/9/2017


Stop 1. Bingie Bingie Point with a walk on a rough, fairly level, track to lookat significant geological formations. I am not familiar with the geology of Bingie Bingie Point, so I am not sure how long it will take. I hope we will be finished in time for morning tea after Stop 2. No toilets.


We then go to Mulimburra Point for two stops.


Stop 2 has a short walk to the junction of metamorphics and granite, with some incredibly interesting formations, but still no toilets. There are numerous, variable dykes and the formations in the metamorphic rocks are spectacular.


Stop 3. We then go to a picnic area with toilets for morning tea. From there a rough, sometimes steep, track of about 1km to view some fascinating formations. For those not wanting to do such a walk,there is a short track to a beach, with interesting rock formations at either end. Lunch will be here, after the walk, or at Congo Point NPWS Camping Area.


Stop 4. We then go to Congo Point, to a camping area with toilets. We walk up,and then down about 50 steps to a beach below an absolutely fascinating headland and walk less than a kilometre around the base of the headland back to the cars.


There is a farmers market at Moruya every Tuesday, starting at 3pm, till 6pm. If we dont have time to do

Congo Point before getting to the markets by 4pm,then we will do it on Day 3.


Day 2 Wednesday 20/9/2017


The intention was to do Pretty Point and Guerilla Bay, but the track on Pretty Point is too narrow for the number of people attending the outing and maybe too rough for some, so we will go to Lily Pily Beach, which has toilets and walk around the base of the headland to the south of the beach. The rock formations are similar to Pretty Point, although not as spectacular, but still fascinating and the walking is easy. Without too much difficulty we can walk right out to the point.


We will have lunch at Malua Bay, with toilets but with no walking.


We will then go to Guerilla Bay, with no toilets. First stop is a small beach before a headland with a most amazing arch. The tide will be low and if the seas are not too rough, the more agile people will be able to walk, climb, or crawl out to a point with a great view of the arch. The others will not be able to look through the arch, but will still see the amazing rock formations inside the arch. We will then go to a picnic area at the other end of the beach from where we can walkout to an island, with great views of the rugged headland at the northern end of the bay and a more distant view of the arch.


If time permits on the way back, we will stop at the quarry where the granite was mined for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is no view of the quarry and locked gates to prevent us entering, but there is a picnic area, with an information building with lots of information about the quarry and someg reat views of the river.


Day 3 Thursday 21/9/2017


First stop is Mossy Point, which I refer to as the prehistoric railway, complete with marshalling yards. There is a reasonable view from the lookout, but, then we walk down a track to the railway cutting. Getting into the cutting is a bit difficult, with a steep descent of about 2 metres. We can then walk through the cutting to the marshalling yards. The surface in the marshalling yards can be difficult, but there are some amazing rock formations to be seen in the headland cliffs.


After that we will go to Malua Bay for the south coast’s answer to the Great Wall of China in the Kimberly and then lunch. If there is time, we will go to Pretty Point Bay, where there are the most amazing rock patterns around the north side of Pretty Point. If time permits, there are fascinating rock formations on the other side of Malua Bay and on the other side of Pretty Point.


Finally, we go to Melville Point, with toilets, and finish the outing with some of the most amazing metamorphic rock formations I have ever seen.


Friday 22/9/2017


Travel home or continue making your own explorations of the area.





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