Amateur Geological Society of the Hunter Valley Inc.
February 2018

 Feb 10, 2018 (Sat)19:30 - 0:00
 Astronomy NightLocation: Col Maybury's Place Kurri Kurri
"RE: Astronomy Night Here is a blurb for you to use about the Astronomy Night on Sat 10 Feb:
On Sat 10 Feb we will be gathering for another telescope viewing night at Col Maybury’s place at 21 Brooks St, Kurri.  The easiest instructions are - Head west on the Hunter Expressway, turn left at the Kurri interchange, turn left at the first cross street, turn left at the next street & head to the end of the street. (see map below).  If you went to the last viewing session you know what to expect.  Col has a relatively flat grassy viewing field at the back of his property with a small observatory located on it, which we won’t be using.  It won’t be dark enough to use the telescope until about 9:00 so I’m asking people to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 for a bit of socialising beforehand.  Bring a thermos and snacks if you want to, don’t forget to dress warmly and bring some insect spray.  It will be a dark night during the week of the new moon and some of the objects available for viewing include (a) some nice star clusters including the Beehive Cluster, a large open cluster in Cancer with more than 200 stars, NGC 2362 in Canis Major, a compact cluster of more than 80 stars and Messier 41, a large open cluster of about 100 stars, also in Canis major; (b) there are also two nice nebula in the sky, the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Megallanic Cloud and the spectacular Orion Nebula, which we saw last time and might be worth a revisit; (c) there is also the bizarre Hind’s Crimson Star, a "carbon star”, a luminous red giant with a lot of carbon monoxide in its outer shell that glows bright red. It should be a fun night if the weather is agreeable.  If we get rain or cloud we’ll postpone it to the following week, Sat 17 Feb.”  


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